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Suggested use: As a dietary supplement take one vial every 6 months. Product must be taken on an empty stomach. Do not eat at least one hour after taking this product.

Ingredients: purified water, telomerase enzyme from glandular extracts, astragalus membranaceus extract, glycerin.




Sablex Reset will replenish the telomere of adult stem cells and dividing somatic cells as they were at the age of 25 years. This is a supplement that needs to be taken twice a year. Sablex Reset also includes a astragalus extract, a telomerase activator to enhance it's anti-aging benefits.

Telomeres are made up of subunits (or bases) of DNA called A, C, G, and T. In the telomere, these bases are arranged in six base repeat units of TTAGGG. When a human is first conceived, the length of the telomeres averages about 15,000 bases (up to 2,500 TTAGGG repeat units) as measured by a process called terminal restriction fragment length analysis. The length then begins to decrease at a rate of about 100 bases per cell division. By the time a person is born, the average telomere length has already reduced to about 10,000 bases and then throughout the rest of a person’s lifetime the average length of the telomeres gradually decreases to about 5,000 bases at which time the person’s cells lose the ability to divide. These cells are then senescent, and the person suffers and dies of old age.

The timetable for cellular mitosis is 30 to 36 hours. According to Hayflick Limit, a cell can divide a maximum of 100 times. So we need to keep from dying the cells that reched Hayflick Limit. That means 36 hours x 100 divisions = 3600 hours = 150 days = 5 months. Yes, it woud be better to use Sablex Reset every 5 months unless you use it together with Sablex Infinity.

Increase the dose if you live in polluted cities, if you smoke or live a unhealthy life. All thse negative factors will shorten your telomere faster. Also, older people have shorter telomere and may require more telomerase enzyme. There is also the genetic factor involved in telomere degeneration: some people are born with longer telomere and some with shorter telomere. Unless they use Sablex supplements, the lifespan will varry according to this factor too.

A overdose of Sablex Reset is not possible because the telomerase enzyme is excreted in urine as it happens for young people.