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Your Life is Unique. At Sablex Research we want you to enjoy it for eternity. Not just for 20 or 30 more years of it - more like hundreds of millions and more.

Yes, the today Nobel Prize Technology allows us to make you immortal. We believe the end of human aging as we know it will come in the next 40 years and that periodic telomerase enzime supplements in adult stem cells and dividing somatic cells in our body is the key to immortality.

Using Sablex's Nobel Prize supplements it is now possible to go way beyond the Hayflick Limit. Sablex supplements are highly stable, resistant to proteases, denaturation and acid hydrolysis.

We believe that there are people born today that will benefit from extended life spans and some will not. We are dedicated into providing the best products available today to help you be among those to reach immortality.



The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2009 was received by Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, Jack W. Szostak for the discovery of the telomere/telomerase and human aging:

We are now able to stop the aging process with periodic telomerase enzime supplements in adult stem cells and dividing somatic cells in our body.


Sablex Reset

Sablex Reset will restore the length of the telomere of adult stem cells and dividing somatic cells as they were at the age of 25 years. This is a supplement that needs to be taken twice a year. More

Sablex Infinity

Sablex Infinity is a daily supplement that offers extra protection for your telomere, delivering daily amounts of telomerase enzyme. More

To put it very simple, using Sablex Reset & Sablex Infinity, the clock of your cells will reset at the state they were when you had 25 years of age. At 25 years your body stops making it's own telomerase enzyme and the cells telomere begin to shorten. So the biological clock begins to tick. When the Hayflick Limit is reached, the telomere can no longer protect the DNA and the cell eventually dies without being able to divide anymore.